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Based on games like Stardew Valley, Moonlighter and Zelda, help the local town to become a thriving tourist destination again, while you try to discover your past.

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Key Features

​Spirit of the Island is a relaxing life simulation RPG set on a tropical island. Explore the once-prosperous tourist destination, meet the locals, and lend a hand to restore the town to their former glory as you embark on a long journey that will help you rediscover your past!

  • Build, craft and farm: Interact with almost every object in the game and express your creativity with hundreds of recipes to unlock and items to craft!

  • Create a tourist's utopia: Build new attractions, hire staff, develop the island, and plan parties that will attract visitors from all over the world!

  • Be one with nature: Explore a beautiful yet dangerous world, discover unique animals and plants, brave the weather and the changing seasons, and collect rare artifacts scattered throughout the islands!

  • Help your community thrive: Meet quirky characters, complete fun quests, make new friends, and contribute to the life of Maluhia’s inhabitants!

  • Plan, build and defend: Prepare your land to receive tourists, but also to defend against pirates. Go on special adventures where pirates awaits you.

  • Follow the story: But do not forget to forge your own. Many quests and each community member has a rich long story to reveal.

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